Host and Travel Smart during Covid-19

To our brave vegan hosts and vegan travelers, we know how hard it has been given the uncertainty around Covid-19.
We take the safety of our vegan hosts and travelers seriously and we would encourage you to review information regarding the best safe smart travel practices as explained by experts such as the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
We request you, our vegan Hosts and travelers to follow local laws and guidelines. The Vegan Stay has listings around the world and different communities that are at different stages of their COVID-19 containment efforts. We recommend checking out general health and safety guidelines for COVID-19 safety, monitoring applicable government travel restrictions and advisories, and following all national and local guidelines.

We’d like you, our travelers and vegan hosts to be mindful of taking the appropriate precautions to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Here are a few to consider:

For our travelers –

  1. Ensure that you are fully vaccinated before you travel. Depending on where you travel from, there are country-specific guidelines. You can find the latest travel restrictions updates here.
  2. Stay protected while you travel. Avoid being in places with large crowds. Wear a mask, Carry an adequate number of face masks and sanitizers and your own drinking water bottle.
  3. When you arrive at our vegan hosts, please comply, cooperate with and respect your host’s specific safety measures. They are in place to ensure that our hosts stay protected and free from infection and that you too have a safe travel experience!

And, for our vegan hosts –

  1. Establish a Covid-19 cleaning protocol. The CDC has useful information that will help you do so. It includes practices such as how to clean regularly and how to disinfect different types of surfaces.
  2. We recommend keeping a time gap between traveler booking so that you have enough time to disinfect and clean between bookings.
  3. For hosts who are renting a private or shared room, you can choose to practice wearing a face mask at home while in common areas and practice physical distancing at all times.



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