Where Your Travel Choices Lifestyle Amplify Global Compassion!

Every booking you make with Vegius is a step towards a world where compassion and ethical living resonate across continents, uplifting animal sanctuaries and promoting a humane, sustainable future, one reservation at a time.

Explore vegan accommodation options around the world!

We have listings from vegan animal sanctuaries, vegan b&b, vegan hostels and so much more!

About The Vegan Stay

The Vegan Stay is a new vegan travel platform that combines vacationing with activism. It partners with vegan sanctuaries from around the world and provides them with logistic and financial support to empower them to focus on what they do best: Save lives and educate the public about the plight of animals in the modern world.

Our Mission

We work closely with vegan animal sanctuaries to empower them so that they spend more of their precious  time doing what they do best: Saving lives and educating the public about the need to treat animals for the sentient beings.

We do this by providing vegans and vegan-curious travelers with a fun, new way to find vegan accommodations anywhere in the world .Travelers can choose between stays at animal sanctuaries or vegan b&bs, With every booking they make, somewhere between up to 50% of the service The Vegan Stay charges goes towards an animal sanctuary, somewhere around the world!

Our ultimate goal is to help spread awareness about animals as sentient beings, capable of experiencing the world subjectively.

Why Host?

Becoming a host on The Vegan Stay is 100% FREE! 

This is a fun way to support the vital work vegan animal sanctuaries do at no extra cost to you.

You will never have to worry about your guests bringing animal products into your home. 

You get to meet vegan and vegan-curious folk from all around the world.

You can sync your calendar on The Vegan Stay with calendars of other platforms, such as Airbnb, so that you can try us out without missing out on other opportunities.

You can disable auto-reservation, which allows you to have more control over who gets to stay at your stay.

You become an ambassador for animals and those who care for them.

How It Works

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Reception, make a booking as per your requirment
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Workation at a Vegan accommodation

Step 1

Explore our ever-growing selection of 100% vegan accommodations worldwide. Choose between animal sanctuary stays or vegan accommodations.

Step 2

Make a booking as per your requirements, a part of your booking service fee goes towards supporting animal sanctuaries!

Step 3

Arrive at your Vegan Stay, check in, and meet your hosts and the animals, and enjoy a whole new meaningful way to vacation!

Step 4

At the end of your stay, you leave with incredible memories and a new appreciation for the efforts of animal sanctuaries!

Our Partner Sanctuaries

Check out our ever-growing team of animal sanctuaries that we are proudly supporting!

Put your extra space to great use by becoming a Vegan Stay host!

Creating a listing is quick, easy, free and you help save more animals with every booking you receive, at no extra cost to you!

Impact of The Vegan Stay

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