Book A Stay, Make A Difference

Combine your travels into an act of support for animal sanctuaries worldwide.

Choosing The Vegan Stay as your holiday experience is a practical, responsible and fun way to spend your precious vacation time, that also aligns with your beliefs in the vegan cause - a cause that has been growing by leaps and bounds.

A unique opportunity to combine vacationing with a purposeful way to support the vibrant brave souls who run animal sanctuaries.

A unique way to become a member of a vibrant, global community of compassionate travelers and Vegan Hosts, who are unified by their desire to make a positive change for animals and those who care for them.

A guaranteed way to find all-vegan accommodations and events, worldwide.

How It Works

vegan accommodations worldwide
Reception, make a booking as per your requirment
A lading arriving at Vegan Stay to explore
Workation at a Vegan accommodation

Step 1

Discover a Vegan Accommodation that best suits your requirements and make an instant booking!​

Step 2

Your booking is received by the Vegan Host(s), and they prepare to host you!

Step 3

Arrive at your holiday destination, check in, meet your Vegan Host(s) and enjoy a whole new meaningful way to vacation!

Step 4

At the end of your stay, leave a review for our Vegan Host(s) as you take away with you some incredible memories and experiences and make your contribution and make a difference by helping sanctuaries grow and flourish.

The Vegan Stay is committed to providing our valued travelers and Vegan Host(s) with the utmost quality of service. We want our Guests to have the most fun, unique and, at the same time, compassionate and meaningful travel experiences. The Vegan Stay upholds the ideal of the need to travel in a conscious way. The Vegan Stay is built on the concept of giving back to the organizations that put so much energy in the care of animals and the education of the public about their plight. The Vegan Stay takes pride in ensuring that our hosts are 100% vegan. All meals and activities our hosts provide are completely plant based, cruelty free and in alignment with ethical and compassionate choices.

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Make your vacation matter!

Be an ambassador for animals and those who care for them.



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