How to Create a Winning Vegan Stay Listing Profile: A Guide for Exceptional Host

How to be an exceptional Vegan Stay Host:

A Guide to Creating a Winning Listing Profile

As the vegan lifestyle continues to gain momentum, more and more travelers are looking for vegan-friendly accommodations. Vegan travel has seen a significant rise  (YAY!!)in recent years, with more and more people opting for vegan options when they travel. As a result, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of vegan-friendly accommodations available.

As a Vegan Stay host, you have an opportunity to cater to this growing demand by creating a listing that stands out from the rest. That’s not all, by becoming a Vegan Stay Host, you also help save more animals! How? Find out HERE.

Tips to help you create an awesome Vegan Stay listing profile

Here are a few things we feel you, as Vegan hosts, should know (and do) to get the most out of your experience on The Vegan Stay platform. 

1. It’s all in the name

It is important that your listing title is effective in getting your vegan stay to stand out, setting the right expectations for your guest, and attracting them to make a reservation.

Here are pointers to keep in mind:

Keep it short:

Vegan travellers search on The Vegan Stay using devices of different screen sizes. 

A title that is an ideal length on a computer web browser may be too long to read when viewed on a mobile device. Limiting the title to 6 words is helpful. This ensures that your title gets the attention it deserves. 

Here are 3 good examples of short listing titles:

  1. Homey Hillside Hideaway at Animal Sanctuary
  2. Lakefront Villa near Lake Superior
  3. Stylish studio apartment overlooking city square

Avoid CAPITAL Letters:

You know how there is always that person who talks way too loud? Well, adding your listing title in all capital letters may come across as being loud. 

Avoid doing this – NEW COZY Room in serene FOREST

Instead, try – Cozy room amidst serene forest

You can make an exception for abbreviations like name of states or airport codes, e.g. – Tiny flat close to DAL

Also, please refrain from using emojis in your title! : )

Details, Details:

You don’t need to include the info that is already provided in the rest of your profile listing. Even the name of your city, town, state and or the number of beds your listing has, aren’t necessarily the most helpful info to have in your title!

Instead, use this space to display noteworthy details about your listing that will help it stand out from the rest. 

For example, if your listing is in Chicago, you could include the name of your neighborhood, like ‘Lincoln Park’, in your listing title. If it’s in Paris, France, you could detail a landmark that is close to your listing, such as ‘near PARC Monceau’. If you have a dedicated garden space, you could mention ‘open garden’ in your title. 

2. Describe it like you really mean it

A superb description of your listing is one of your foremost ways to attract reservations and set your guest’s expectations accurately. 

Your property doesn’t need to be ideal but what helps is clarifying for guests what they should expect when they arrive at your listing. 

Here’s how: 

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Introspect about what it is that is truly special, appealing about your listing. That could be something spectacular about the location you’re in or a one of its kind feature of your property.

What’s your story?

We all love to be the heroes of our own adventures, don’t we? 

So, why don’t we set the stage for our vegan travelers before they reach you? 

We believe that every listing has a story to tell. It’s not just about how many beds or bathrooms you have. Think about the history of your listing, think about the community you’re located in, what’s interesting about your listing?

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just authentic to who you are and what your listing is about. You could share a bit about your journey, your favorite experiences at your Vegan Stay property that you want your guests to experience as well.

Play the part of a traveler:

Right off the bat, speak about information your guests should be aware of, while highlighting your value proposition. This doesn’t need to be in fancy language but it does need to be concise and effective. 

Context is key. If your listing is way off the beaten track, travelers need to understand that reaching your location will not be straight forward and they should plan accordingly. 

If the power goes out occasionally, make a subtle reference so that travelers come prepared for such an occurrence. Set the stage and be thoughtful. Try to imagine activities that your guests may want to participate in and how you can make that happen.

Talk about you –

Whether it’s just a room, you’re listing or an entire house, chances are your guests do want to know more about you. It makes them feel more at ease. Let your personality come through in the description and encourage them to get in touch with you. It helps you get to know your potential guests better too!

3. How to take great photos of your listing?

The pictures you use on your listing profile can make or break a traveler’s booking decision. It is important that you take exemplary pictures to boost guest’s attraction to your listing. 

The pictures should back up all the listing descriptions that you have taken the time and effort to write in. When viewed, guests should be able to get a captivating but honest understanding of your space – inside, outside and the neighborhood around your listing. 

Here’s how you do that:

Quality over quantity:

Having more photos doesn’t necessarily have a positive impact, it could even have the opposite effect. Having a handful of bright, high-quality pictures is better than having 50 grainy, blurred pictures.

Gear Up:

If you are shooting with a camera, make sure its a digital one with adjustable setting that you can use to suit the picture. It is recommended to have a tripod upon which you balance the camera. This will result in clear photos, without you having to strain yourself, trying to keep the camera steady. If you are going to use your cellphone camera, it would be ideal to have a stand to place your phone on to capture blur-free photos.

Shine the Light:

Pictures shot during the daytime are usually more appealing. Inside the space, ensure its well-lit, turn on the lights, even if you’re taking pictures during the day. It does wonders to eliminate any dark corners while accurately representing what the space has to offer.

Declutter before you shoot:

Nothing is more off-putting to a traveler than looking at pictures of messy, unclean spaces. Take a few moments to prepare each space, arrange furniture if required, remove any excess ornaments or books for a more spacious and inviting look. Less is truly more.

Landscape > Portrait

Your space won’t picture well in a vertical picture format. Using a wide-angle, landscape or even panoramic format picture will give viewers a better idea of the size of the space.

Resolution Solution:

Use pictures that at least have a resolution of 1024px x 683px. When in doubt, remember, size does matter here. Bigger the resolution, the better.

Get the right shots in the right order:

Again, put yourself in the shoes of a traveler who is looking at your listing on The Vegan Stay. The first picture they see of your listing, in the search results, has to be dynamite. It has got to convey the essence of your listing and that matches the title you’ve given your listing. 

If your listing is titled, ‘cozy cottage in the woods’, the first picture displayed must be a high-quality, well-lit picture of the cottage amidst the beautiful forest it is in. 

The next picture must be of the guest’s room. Try taking a picture facing into a corner of a room rather than directly facing a wall. This adds more dimension and gives a better perspective of the space.

Something like this –

Optionally, you could add a picture of the bathroom, although you need to ensure that its sparkling clean and stain-free!

Next, pictures around the space, the kitchen (remember, take the corner shot), covering the amenities you wish to display, your garden space. The vegan food 

Ofcourse, if you’re at an animal sanctuary, do add pictures of the lovely animals you take care of, but not too many pictures of animals. Instead, you could feature pictures of the surrounding neighborhood, local attractions, your favorite place to go 

4. Managing reservations effectively

Managing reservations can be a challenge, but it’s an essential part of being a successful Vegan Stay host. One of the key things to remember is to respond to inquiries and booking requests as quickly as possible.

Guests appreciate a quick response, and it can help to build trust and credibility. You can also consider setting up automated messages to keep guests updated on their reservation status.

5. Set and Adjust Your Prices Smartly

Pricing is a crucial aspect of any Airbnb-style accommodation, and as a Vegan Stay host, you need to be strategic about your pricing. Be sure to do your research and see what other similar Vegan Stay listings in your area are charging. 

Consider offering discounts for longer stays or during the low season. You can also adjust your prices dynamically based on demand.

6. Make Your Listing Stand Out with Unique Experiences

One way to make your Vegan Stay listing stand out is to offer unique experiences that guests won’t find anywhere else. For example, you could offer a vegan cooking class, a guided vegan food tour of the area, or a yoga class. 

Think about what you can offer that will make your guests’ stay memorable and enjoyable.

7. Keep Learning and Improving

Finally, the key to being an awesome Vegan Stay host is to keep learning and improving. Stay up-to-date with the latest vegan, travel and hosting trends and keep track of what your guests are saying about their stay. Continually improve your listing profile and the experience you offer to guests.

So, head to The Vegan Stay website today and create your listing. If you already have a Vegan Stay listing, it’s time to work on your listing now, making it even better!

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